Here are the 6th Grade Orchestra assignments for e-learning day 11-20

(There has been no mention of school being out for the next two weeks, but we have been asked to go ahead and make the lesson plans for it)

Click Here for Assignments 

FlipGrid Assignment for Day 11-15 (April 3, 6-9)

Students without instrument assignment Day 11-15 (April 3, 6-9)

FlipGrid Assignment for Day 16-20

Here are the 7th Grade Orchestra assignments for e-learning day 1-10 (April 2 - Day 10)

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If you do not have your instrument (only if you don't have your instrument) then go to this link: Click here and choose the G, D, and A string notes and name as many notes as you can for 15 minutes. Then take a screen shot and send it to me in an email. Practice so you can get over 90% correct. This will count as your grade for the Day 5 assignment.