Archived 2016-2017 School Year

Eighth Grade Orchestra will perform for the Eighth Grade Awards Day Ceremony on May 31st at 8:30am in the Cafetorium. This is a required performance for all eighth grade students. Students need to arrive and be setup by 8:20am on stage.

Final Spring Concert for all grades is Friday, May 19th at 6:30pm at Northwood Middle School in the Cafetorium!!

7th and 8th grade both receive a Superior Rating at Six Flags!!

Click here to hear the judges comments during the performances.

Click here to see video of the 8th grade performing.

6th Grade Earns a Superior Rating at Six Flags!! 

The Six Grade students received the highest rating of "Superior" on Saturday, April 22nd at the Six Flags over Georgia Festival. The students had a fantastic time and all their hard work really paid off. A special thank you for all of the chaperones that helped out on the trip! 

Click here to see video from the performance.

Click here to hear the judges comments during the performance.

Students excel at solo & ensemble festival!!

We had a great trip to Solo & Ensemble and the students represented Northwood very well!! The students received a great many compliments from the judges! Here is the breakdown of the scores and then the students with their ratings:








Gage Mealor and Harris Clark


2 Basses

Gage Mealor, Harris Clark, Eileen Broadwell, Gracen Miller


2 Violas and 2 Basses

Tierra Fowler, Tirza Rivas-Fuentez, Maddie Candler, Miranda Harmon, Abby Florian, Maren Hester


3 Violins, 2 Violas, 1 Cello

Eileen Broadwell, Gracen Miller


2 Violas

Gracen Miller


1 Viola

Hailey Boughton, Michelle Pena-Fitz, Amanda Pfaffenroth, Matthew Escobar-Salazar


1 viola and 2 violins, viola

Annie Learing


1 Violin

Sierra Campbell


1 violin

Cameron Owens, Brian Yoon, Jay Bhatia, Julia Thielen, Zachary Simpson


3 violins, 1 cello, 1 bass

Grace Wike, Penelope Perez, Anna Phan, Anna Sanchez, Alberto Vargas-Cruz


2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 bass

Zachary Simpson


1 violin

Jay Bhatia


1 violin

Jay Bhatia and Brian Yoon


1 violin and 1 cello

Brian Yoon


1 Cello

Legend Rosemond


1 Violin

Emily Yoon


1 Cello

Chloe Lee, Katherine Sanchez, Abigail Castro, Ashyla Acker, Emma Shride


4 violas and 1 cello

Ella McNabb, Mallory Sprague, Hailey Cooper


2 violins and 1 viola

Tirza Rivas-Fuentez, Madison McCullough


cello and viola‚Äč

Solo and Ensemble is Friday, April 21st in the morning at Wade Hampton HS

We will have a bus for the students signed up to take us from Northwood MS to Wade Hampton HS and back. We will leave at 10am and arrive back at Northwood at 1pm.Students signed up need to come in the morning or after school to practice the music. I will be here to help.

Congratulations to Emily Yoon who made All-State Orchestra!!

The concert is on Sunday, February 26th at Lexington High School Performing Arts Center. The exact time of the concert will be announced soon.

Winter Concert Video is Up!! 

Click here to see the video.

All County Orchestra Auditions for 7th & 8th Grade

I will be recording students before and after school for All-County Auditions on Thursday and Friday morning starting at 7-8:25am and after school on Thursday starting at 3:45pm and Friday starting at 3:15pm. I will be working with the classes on the music throughout the week. This will count as a playing test for the students. Here is a link for student/parent letter and links for the audio files for each piece:

Information Letter

M to the Third Power by Carold Nunez

(All instruments auditions start from the begin of this audio.)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens arranged by Robert Longfield

(Violins start at 1:26, Violas at 1:27, Celli at 1:44, Basses at 1:45)

Suo Gan by Larry Clark

(Violins start at 1:41, Violas at 3:02, Celli at 3:02, Basses at 2:35

6th Grade Orchestra

Students are now learning to correctly hold the instruments in playing position. We are working from the Essential Elements book one #87-92 this week!

Bow Hold Video for Double Bass

Bow Hold Video for Cello

Bow Hold Video for Violin/Viola

Congratulations to our two students who made it to Region Orchestra!!

Brian Yoon 8th Grade Cellist and Emily Yoon 6th Grade Cellist

Fundraiser Pickup is Wednesday, April 18th Behind the Stage Area

This fundraiser is to raise money for orchestra music, solo and ensemble music, cello and bass rock stops, and other needs the orchestra class and concerts. 

Orchestra Reaches Fundraiser Goal to Pay for Buses for Our Six Flags Trip!!

Our fundraiser was a huge success and we met our goal of $2,400 to pay for the two buses for Six Flags!! I want to thank all of the students and parents for making this possible.

Sixth Grade will go on Saturday, April 22nd and seventh and eighth grade will go on Saturday, May 13th. The trip is an adjudicated event where we will receive a rating for each group's performance and a trophy with constructive feedback from the judges.

The fundraiser will finish on Friday, February 3rd. All money and order forms need to be turned in on that day.

8th Grade Orchestra will perform for 5th grade orientation

The 8th grade orchestra will performon Thursday, February 16th in the Cafetorium at 5:50pm before the meeting begins and at the end of the meeting. All students will need to arrive by 5:15pm to tune and get ready.

Congratulations to our students who made All-county orchestra!!

  • Jay Bhatia - Violin
  • Annie Learing - Violin
  • Zachary Simpson - Violin
  • Autumn Wardle - Violin
  • Jazmyn Aventi - Violin
  • Julia Thielen - Violin
  • Louis Seymour - Viola
  • Anna Sanchez - Viola
  • Brian Yoon - Cello
  • Nathan Valdez - Double Bass
  • Alberto Vargas-Cruz - Double Bass

I am very proud of allthe students who worked hard for this audition.  

The concert is at 6:30pm on Friday, January 27th at Wade Hampton High School. 

7th Grade Orchestra

At our Fall Concert the video camera did not record for some reason, I recorded the 7th and 8th grade during their classes to capture their concert pieces. Click here to see the video. 

8th Grade Orchestra

At our Fall Concert the video camera did not record for some reason, I recorded the 7th and 8th grade during their classes to capture their concert pieces. Click here to see the video.