Welcome to the Northwood Orchestra!!

Final Orchestra Concert has been moved to Tuesday, May 28th at 6:30pm at Northwood in the Cafeteria

Congratulations to both our 7th & 8th Grade Orchestra both receiving an excellent rating at Concert Performance Festival!!

CPA - Concert Performance Assessment on March 21 for 7th & 8th Grade Orchestras

We will have two after school rehearsals for each grade to help prepare for our CPA:

7th Grade rehearsals:

Wednesday, March 13th - 3:30-5pm

Tuesday, March 19th - 3:30-5pm

8th Grade rehearsals:

Thursday, March 14th - 3:30-5pm

Wednesday, March 20th - 3:30-5pm

The concert is during the school day at Bob Jones University beginning at 10:40am, so we will leave at 9:40am to load up the bus with instruments and students. The students will come back at 2:15pm. We will stop for lunch afterwards at Chic-fil-a, so students will need to bring money for lunch.

Solo & Ensemble 

All students need to turn in their $5 for Solo & Ensemble to me by this Thursday, February 28th. The event is May 3rd at Wade Hampton HS.

String Students Perform for the elementary schools!!

A group of 35 students are performing at four elementary schools the next weeks. The elementary students will get to ask questions about the instruments and the string family and we will perform some great music for them to enjoy!!

Thursday, February 7th - Brook Glenn Elementary school - depart at 8:40am and come back at 10:50am. We perform at 9:30am.

Friday, February 8th - Brushy Creek Elementary school - depart at 12:30pm and come back at 2pm. We perform at 1:25pm.

Thursday, February 14th - Mitchell Road Elementary school - depart at 12:30pm and come back at 2pm. We perform at 1:20pm.

Friday, February 15th - Buena Vista Elementary school - depart at 9:40am and come back at 1:30pm. We perform for each lunch period 2-3 times.

Congratulations to our Region Orchestra Students!!

This past weekend we had students audition for the Region Orchestra and I'm proud to say that we have two students that were chosen! They are:

Emily Yoon - cello

Gage Mealor - double bass

The concert will be held at Furman University at McAlister Auditorium on November 10th at 5pm. It is free and open to the public.

Performances at the Nursing Homes were great!!

Our December 4th Winter Concert was a big success!!

6th Grade Strings have a playing test on Wed., 9-21

Students have a playing test on #33 from the Essential Elements book 1. Students can play the song in class or record it using flipgrid.com by clicking this link.

6th Grade Strings Rental and information meeting Tuesday, August 21 at 6:30pm in the northwood cafetorium!!

We will have one of our local strings specialty vendors, Bernhardt House of Violins, come to measure each student for the instrument they will play in strings. Bernhardt will also carry the music books you will need for all grades (6th, 7th, & 8th).  I will share information about the year and what to expect.

Summer String Camps

Here is a great summer strings camp for any students that want to continue to learn and have fun!

String Explosion July 22-25, 2019

Click here for Private Lessons.

Congratulations to our students who participated in Solo & Ensemble on Friday, May 3rd at Wade Hampton High School!!

This past weekend Wade Hampton High school hosted the Solo & Ensemble event where students play in front of a judge for a rating based on their performance. I'm proud to say that we had 44 Superior ratings and 14 Excellent ratings!! We are very proud of these students and their names will be on the morning and afternoon document for you to read.

44 Superior Ratings

Ezra Eenigenberg Solo Superior

Lucy Smith, Gabriella Duet Superior

Jullian Marroquin Solo Superior

Jonathan Lozano Solo Superior

Ansley Pryor, Gabriella Perez Duet Superior

Emily Moreno, Ella Macpherson Duet Superior

Gracen Miller, Eileen Broadwell Duet Superior

Mateo Escobar, Micah Aim Duet Superior

Eo-Jin Shin, Tina Ngo, Winter Spearman-Sails, Emily Yoon Ensemble Superior

Valeria Grijalba Dominguez, Leslie Amaya Duet Superior

Michael Resciniti Solo Superior

Victoria Tran, Sadie Tra, Jonathan Lozano Ensemble Superior

Madison Pfaffenroth, Jade Sabillon, Jessika Ruiz, Zoe Dansby, Gage Mealor Ensemble Superior

Savannah Motter, Maddie Candler Duet Superior

Ella McNabb Solo Superior

Emily Yoon Solo Superior

Gage Mealor Solo Superior

Gracen Miller Solo Superior

Tirza Rivas-Fuentes Solo Superior

Valeria Grijalba Dominguez Solo Superior

Eo-Jin Shin, Tina Ngo Duet Superior

Tina Ngo Solo Superior

Gilberto Pena Fitz Solo Superior

Juan Vargas Solo Superior

Savannah Motter, Maddie Candler, Tirza Rivas-Fuentes Ensemble Superior

14 Excellent Ratings

Eo-Jin Shin Solo Excellent

Chloe Lee, Josie Bagwell Duet Excellent

Ella McNabb, Josie Bagwell Duet Excellent

Juan Vargas, Ezra Eenigenburg, Michael Resciniti Ensemble Excellent

Luke Hurley Solo Excellent

Gracen Miller, Emily Yoon, Duet Excellent

Maren Hester, Abigail Florian Duet Excellent

Abigail Florian Solo Excellent

Congratulations to our students who made All-state orchestra!!

The concert was held at Lexington High School on Sunday, February 24th. The students did an outstanding job!!

Congratulations to our All-County Orchestra Students!!

Last week the auditions were held for All-County Orchestra and we had two students that were chosen to perform in the All-County Orchestra. They are:

Eo-Jin Shin - Violin

Emily Yoon - Viola

The concert is  on January 24th, 2019 at Wade Hampton High School. 

Our fall concert was a success!!

Our Fall Concert was October 25th at 6pm in the Northwood Cafetorium and it featured the 7th & 8th grade orchestras. Video footage will be posted here shortly. Click Here to see the Video.

8th Grade Strings Have a playing test on Thursday, 10-3

Students have a playing test from their piece of music, Midnight Howl.

Students can play it in class or record it using this link on their chromebooks.

7th grade strings have a playing test on Friday, 10-3

Students have a playing test from their new piece of music, Adventure On the High Seas.

Students can play it in class or record it using this link on their chromebooks.

Make sure students get their Syllabus signed and turn it in

Click Here for the Course Syllabus

8th Grade orchestra students have a playing test on #12 C Major Review on Thursday and friday.

2018-2019 Orchestra calendar

All Concert/Rehearsal Events are in the Cafetorium

May 28 - Spring Concert 6:30pm (6th, 7th, & 8th grade)

June 1 - Auditions for GCYO Intermezzo & Sinfonia

Contact Information

Patrick Murch  email to: pmurch@greenville.k12.sc.us

Phone: 355-7045