Sonata-Allegro Form Explained

Ludwig van Beethoven

Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

This 2nd movement of Haydn's String Quartet No. 62, Op. 76 became the German National Anthem.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

Franz Schubert


Who rides so late through night and wind? It is the father with his child. He has the little one well in the arm He holds him secure, he holds him warm. "My son, why hide your face in fear?" "See you not, Father, the Erlking? The Erlking with crown and flowing cloak?" "My son, it is a wisp of fog."

"You sweet child, come along with me! Such wonderful games I'll play with you; Many lovely flowers are at the shore, My mother has many golden garments." "My father, my father, and do you not hear, What the Erlking quietly promises to me?" "Be calm, stay calm, my child; The wind is rustling the dry leaves."

"Won't you come along with me, my fine boy? My daughters shall attend to you so nicely; My daughters do their nightly dance, And they will rock you and dance you and sing you to sleep." "My father, my father, do you not see there, Erlking's daughters in that dark place?" "My son, my son, I see it definitely It is the willow trees looking so grey."

"I love you; I'm charmed by your beautiful shape; And if you are not willing, then I will use force." "My father, my father, now he has taken hold of me! Erlking has hurt me!" The father shudders, he rides swiftly, He holds in arm the groaning child, He reaches the farmhouse with effort and urgency; In his arms, the child was dead.